Scholarships/Facilities: (1)उसासंदर्भातील संशोधन करणेसाठी (कै) मधुभाऊ चौधरी फेलोशिप (2) आर्थिकदृष्ट्या दुर्बल विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी इंडिअन ओईल अकेडेमिक स्कोलारशीप (3) मागासवर्गीय विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी युजीसीची पोस्ट डॉक्टरेल फेलोशिप Achievements: (1) अमळनेर जि. जळगाव ला 'एम आय डी सी' च्या अध्यक्षपदी श्री. पद्माकर गोसावी (2) जळगाव येथील श्री. भाऊगीर धुडकूगीर गोसावी यांना कृषिभूषण पुरस्कार जाहीर गोसावी न्यूज: मंत्र्यांचे अधिकार


The mantra of Gosavi Samachar is to share and aware. It doesn't matter how much knowledge and how much little time you have, where you work and what experience you have. If you have open mind and ready to share and aware, you are in the right place.
Gosavi Samachar believes that many people have more knowledge which can be collect here to share and aware our society.

You can participate in Gosavi Samachar by sharing the information which will be useful for all of us.

You can conduct events in your areas which facilitate awareness in our society. You can inform us so that I can put these details on Gosavi Samachar.

I would like to encourage,

The Doctors to conduct many events related to health. They can do much if they want.
  • The Central/ State Government Officers/ Engineers/ Lawyers and all the reputed and well educated dears to conduct knowledge management sessions which will help our society to make progress in their life. They can conduct sessions for employment, entrepreneurship, competitive exams etc.
  • The donor to contribute, to encourage the talented students, to help the bandhavs who need help to survive, to conduct the programs.
  • Share the ideas, issues you have.
Please mail us your profession and join the group gosavisamachar@googlegroups.com

So let's team up and drive the change towards the progress of our society.

The valuable volunteers are,

1. Mr. Bhupendra Goswami
Mobile : 9833672191
Email : bhupigoswami.it@gmail.com

2. Mr. Chaitanya Shrikant Giri
Mobile : 9890897808
Address : 1120, Purushotttam Apts, Model Colony Road,
Pune - 411016
Email : chaitanya.g22@gmail.com

3. Mr. C. K. Giri
Mobile : 09673665278
Email : cgiri901@gmail.com

4. Mr. Milap Goswami
Rajkot, Gujarat
Email : milap008@gmail.com

5. Jagruti (Jhanvi) Goswami
Faculty, Art Of Living, Rajkot, Gujarat
Email : goswamij.k@gmail.com